Our Heart Sings For Ileana

Ever imagined what would happen if you saw Ileana and Mamta Mohandas on screen, in the same Telugu movie? Well, we can tell you, cos’ we have. Projector rooms would explode all over Andhra Pradesh, triggering a chain reaction that would culminate in a second Big Bang. Science, pure and simple.

While even we had given up on the idea, director Krishna Vamsi thought of something original (maybe a first for a desi director). He made Mamta sing playback for Ileana. Genius, Vamsi-garu. Now we know how you landed Ramya.

Krishna Vamsi is directing a film featuring NTR Jr and Ileana. The music is by Devisriprasad. He has given Mamta a song to sing and it will be picturised on Ileana. {Link}

So, can Mamta sing? Yes. She had extensive classical training under the tutelage of the great Chalakudi Bhagavathar and…actually No, we don’t know, and frankly, we don’t care. We just needed an excuse to post their photos…


  1. Is that a work of art on the left? :)

    Neenga kadavul!

  2. anti -that is so cheesy – shes so damn cute in that pic – ivlo thaan mudiyumaa unnaala?

  3. “Ennathanga pottu valatheenga…..”!

    *I’ll duck before somebody dunks me*

  4. tooooooooooooooooo cute

  5. I dont knw much about Ileana movie but one thing i can say that i want to marry her.